Otis; A Family Gift

Otis the Goat

What started out as a gag gift to my sister on the Christmas Eve of 1997 has become a holiday tradition that each year evokes anticipation, laughter, pride, and tears.  In fact, Otis has become the most coveted gift in my family– not for looks, but for what he has brought to my family… Hope!

Our tradition is simple.  Otis is always the last gift given at our Christmas Eve gathering.  The person who proudly displays Otis throughout the year must share their highlights prior to gifting it to the next member of the family.  It is highly encouraged that the new recipient is someone who is heading toward an anticipated transition in their life or just in need of a little luck.  Otis has attended our families’ weddings, promotions, graduations, retirements, and the birth of eight grandchildren!  The most significant moment shared through Otis’s tradition came when my parents, upon retirement, were able to reconnect their own relationship and now are happily living their golden years together.

It is undeniable that our world is changing at a pace never before seen.  In spite of much advancement it seems we are busier than ever.  Otis’s gift to my family continues to offer a brief moment when we communicate our personal growth and understand the power that hope and purpose serve in our lives.

The structure and definition of “family” certainly differ amongst us.  I believe there is one universal truth; families are as strong as the individuals within them.  If you honor yourself by seeking and fulfilling your own purpose you take care of the one’s closest to you.

So ask yourself:

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Otis the Goat is a family owned business whose purpose is to bring back old world traditions by embracing some new world technology.